Ta Da! Studio
Meet the Team
Steve is a true Renaissance Man. He assists me with the Heavy Lifting part of the job. He's into lots of stuff - running, tennis, guitar playing, instument collecting and songwriting.  You can visit him at www.SteveNuckolls.com

Here is one of his recent songs, inspired by the view of the Virginia State Capitol flagpoles from his days working in downtown Richmond. Flags are flown at half-mast when a soldier from Virginia loses his life in the Iraq war. Unfortunately, he says he sees them too often.
Click HERE to play song.
Meet the Team? It is pretty much just me. However, Steve and Stuart are always ready to lend a hand or a paw.

Steve, Stuart and Janice - safety first! Note we all have our life jackets on.  
Stu says, this decorating stuff is exhausting. 
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